About Us

Company History & Philosophy

KiddyCuts started in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2001. We offered a revolutionary way of providing fun and enjoyable haircut experience for families with small children that quickly became the trademark of our services. We applied winning solutions to the problem, which completely eliminate children’s fuzziness prior to and during their haircut session.

Armed with first class business concept and friendly services, KiddyCuts has become the favorite among thousands of happy families. Our commitment to provide great services and experiences for our clients and their families fits in perfectly with the needs and lifestyles of metropolitan families. For many families, the first haircut session at our salon is a life changing experience. Haircut is no longer a frustrating task but an enjoyable family outing. It is now an activity together that the whole family looks forward to having again soon.

As a pioneer in Indonesia’s children salon, KiddyCuts has the moral obligation to help children grow and develop the awareness of maintaining self-cleanliness by keeping clean hair and clean scalp while continuing to be stylist. Keeping oneself clean leads to self-confidence and independence in children, giving them a sense of accomplishment. When children are able to do tasks that are within their age group, they feel satisfied and starting to believe in themselves, which in turn will help them to grow into confident young adults.

Here at KiddyCuts we transformed the stressful experience of children’s haircut to an enjoyable and fun family experience for the kids, parents and all family members involved. This business approach combined with our philosophies, have helped us reached growth and success, which we gladly shares with our licensees.

Seeing the demand of good hair care products for children, in 2009 the company developed and started to distribute hair care products under the same brand name: KiddyCuts. The products are made with natural ingredients, kid friendly and safe for children to use. KiddyCuts is continuing to add product variations in the coming years. All merchandise are distributed in KiddyCuts Outlets, Retail Store in Modern Market and e-commerce.

Our Philosophy:

  • Greet and serve customer promptly
  • Listen carefully and pay attention to the customer’s need and respond accordingly
  • Accurately and consistently provide high quality services
  • Always confirm with the customer if services and/or products met their expectations and satisfactions
  • Offer the best selection of fun entertainment for children
  • Employ only carefully and thoroughly trained stylist
  • Consistently provide well trained staff to ensure high quality service while maintaining friendliness and pleasant experience for both children and adults
  • Trainings are conducted in real salon situation to provide trainee with hands on day-to-day business practices to fully understand their responsibilities while interacting with customers.
  • KiddyCuts management team continues to conduct research for the development of our services, products and business opportunities on an ongoing basis
  • KiddyCuts Management team is dedicated in providing support to our licensee in every area of the business to ensure the growth and success of their business.


  • Mother & Baby Choice Award 2008
  • Mother & Baby Choice Award 2009
  • Mother & Baby Choice Award 2010
  • Most Recognized Brand Award 2010 (ASEAN Region) – Children Service Sector
  • Mother & Baby Choice Award 2011
  • ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2011 – Industry Class Sector Lifestyle

This cooperative venture enables the licensed salon to reach its greatest potential.

Our licensing package will guide you through a step-by-step process of how to start your own KiddyCuts business. In the package you will find detailed information on our philosophy, product and service knowledge, training, marketing support, administration, internal operation, initial set up assistance and service quality control.

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