Business Model

KiddyCuts is cash based business with moderate start up invesment, no receivables and inventory. The popular brand name along with strong customer loyalty has given KiddyCuts a unique business advantage which greatly benefits every new salon when it opens in a new location.

Having gained public trust through consistent excellent services and products, our brand continues to receive strong endorsement from both new and long-standing loyal customers. This has boost a steady and very promising increase of our business. With the strength of business owned. KiddyCuts development its business with franchise business model.

Business Strategy

KiddyCuts management will provide the tehnical and marketing foundation to
ensure your success a franchise. We offer expertise in the following key areas

Stafiing and payroll benefits


Strength in determining strategic location, salon layout and design

Continuous research and development of products and services

Promotions and marketing

Product Knowledge

Assistance in administration and operational aspects

Years of experience with success proven record in the salon business

Customized equipment and seats

Financial review and business plan

Customer services and customer satisfaction

Ready to have KiddyCuts franchise ?

For further information  please contact : 
Maria Rosa | 0811-9772-360 | 021-39-833-833




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